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Lets face it – first impressions count. In the Medical sector you can’t afford to have potential clients being put off by unpleasant odors. Your business depends upon customers knowing you have good hygiene standards. You want clients and their relatives to walk through your door and instantly feel at ease.

Our ozone sanitation processes can inactivate organic odors, leaving your facility smelling only of fresh clean air.
Primary Health Care Sanitation – Ultra Clean Environment

Now more than ever it is imperative that the private medical sector takes care to prevent outbreaks of nonsocial infections. HCAI’s continue to be a topical issue and the paying public are understandably wary of contamination from medical establishments.

Our sanitation processes can help prevent the development and spread of organic contamination. The very nature of ozone’s reaction with contaminants dictates that pathogens are incapable of developing resistance to it, making ozone a natural choice in the battle against HCAI’s.


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